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Dear Empress of Meat,

I am interviewing some of my friends, etc and so forth.
I would like very much to involve you in this, and so on.
(I realize you are a very private person, so I promise to keep that in mind, and not to invade your personal space or business.)

Hiding from the law? ...It doesn't WORK. I KNOW.

AOM In general my page is private because I have youngsters who visit me on this site and I'd rather not have them exposed to the ENTIRE world. My Friends are enough.

Why the PREOCCUPATION, young lady, with sausages, flank and ribeye?

Many young people today, abide by vegan thinking, and enjoy the wheatgrass and rain forest greens.

Yet -- you are the ANGEL OF MEAT.

How did that happen...? -- Your parents farmers? Early trauma with salads and seafood? -- What?

AOM It happened very suddenly. I read "American Psycho" by Bret Easton Ellis and I discovered the art of Mark Ryden. Both created a huge impact on my personality.

My parents never understood me... My Father did force me to eat raw oysters when I was 14. I discovered I love them.


You know, you've got more than your share of meat diseases today - your Mad Cow, your E Cola.

Isn't meat PASSE?

Worn-out? On the WAY OUT? A relic dating to the stone age?

AOM Meat will always be on the menu.

Why risk death -- when you can order chicken... or soy-based products?

AOM Both are good options. Everyone should eat 3 meals a day.

Plus, they never cook it right, at restaurants. You order medium-rare, they give you MEDIUM. You complain, and they ARGUE with you -- "But, sir, that IS medium rare." "I came here for lunch, NOT a squabble!"

...Hello? ...You THERE? -- QUEEN OF MEAT?

AOM I'm here.

Do you have any idea why I'm numbering my questions this way...?

AOM ...I assumed you'd been drinking-

Do you have a crush on me, or is it my imaginaton?

I won't be insulted, if you say it's my imagination -- I have a quite a sigificant one.

AOM I may actually be in love with you.

...I want to talk to you after the interview then. Stay after. When we're done, don't go.

BARBECUES. Do you have them, and, if so, why haven't you invited me to any?
You must cook a mean pork cutlet, you ARE a meat expert.

AOM You are welcome anytime. I am in a suburb of Detroit. Do you expect to be in the area soon?

Well... I DO appreciate you. You know that.

But you have hurt my feelings: I go out of my way to leave you worthy comments... And, you seem just as interested in the men who post, with the lesser quality meat cuts -- your bologna and beef hash.

I don't know what you see in them, personally.

AOM I have not received a comment from any of my "meat co-horts" equal to anything you have ever delivered to me.


AOM I would rather mustard.

Doesn't it bother you, that we eat something that "Mooo's" and snorts?
You eat carrots, they don't suffer when you bite them.

AOM I don't mind eating things that had the ability to communicate with their own kind prior to being put on my plate.

What is your opinion of PETA, and this TV series 24 that never seems to end?

AOM I support the people of PETA in so much as they have chosen to not eat meat or meat by-products. However, I do not agree with violence towards other HUMAN BEINGS. This is the same opinion I have on Greenpeace and Pro-Choice.


I think 24 will end with Jack Bower sitting in a chair looking into a snow globe of Washington D.C. and having imagined the entire series, while inside a mental ward.

We are at the end of our visit.
If there is anything you care to add, please do so here.

AOM I'm drinking a martini while I'm answering this.

Much Love~


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