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Doug, I hear your name means "Icicle Lemongrass" in jive-slang. Or... Maybe it's the other way around.

By the way, was that YOU writing me it's "awesome to be a chicken" -- or were you quoting someone else? That wasn't clear.

If it WAS you -- why is it awesome? (And, if it WASN'T you -- why were you quoting me something like that?)

* DOUG DADDY D No, you'd written and called me Dougus, and that was a reference from Urban Dictionary. On Dougus. Which you'd called me. Instead of Doug. I became fascinated by the word.

Well, we've only just started, Doug, and you're already confusing me.

By the way, what do you want me to call you in our chat: Doug, Dougus, Big Daddy, Big Daddy D, P Diddy Daddy, P Posthumous Diddy Daddy...?

* DOUG DADDY D Doug's fine.

All right, P Daddy.

Say, you and I have been compadres for some time, and I just realized, I don't know what you do for a living.

Do you ever play tricks on your boss- like sending in your cousin, to pretend he's YOU...?

SHAME ON YOU, if you do; that's CHILDISH and NOT FUNNY.

Well, it's a LITTLE funny.

What you REALLY should do, is put a tortoise in a suit, and stuff him into one of the desks.

Now, THAT'S funny.

* DOUG DADDY D HAH! I'm a small business owner - Landscaping. Used to be in Security. Public Safety. But everyone wants to sue you now. I wasn't willing to give Charlie Manson my house, if he broke a nail getting arrested.

Speaking of nails: Do you think I'm a genius, and, if so -- WHY?

A minimum 500 words, or I won't print your answer.


* DOUG DADDY D Well, in a nutshell …lets see, the material you provide is so entertaining, the timing of your script is impeccable. I enjoy the references & terminology you use from another era to describe today’s society, kills me!

Your games are indeed a challenge. …And the fact I can count on you to tip a glass of adult beverage with me anytime…seals the deal.

...Well, Doug, I resent you saying I play games.

* DOUG DADDY D I meant your GAME games. The ones we have to guess at.

...You're CONFUSING me again.

Tell me, would it be okay if I dated your daughter?

* DOUG DADDY D (the sound of shotgun cocking)

Do you HAVE a daughter?

* DOUG DADDY D (shotgun cocks a second time)

How about, a lonely woman friend between 25 and 60, looking for a "Good Time"?

(If you don't have any friends like that, could you make some please?)


Well, Dougus Daddy, you can put your shotgun away. It's time for us to end our chat now

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