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questions and answers (q and a ) - SANDRA - part one

ME: Sandra. Are you ready for your interview now?

SANDRA: yes.

Okay. This is called QUESTION AND ANSWER, or Q & A for short.

I'm going to ask a QUESTION, and you're going to ANSWER it.

Do you understand the rules so far, as I've outlined them?


All right then. That means we can start.

Question one - Sandra, How are things in JERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS...?


Each time you write, there seems to be some terrible disaster -- snow knocking out electricity, hills collapsing, gophers nibbling through phone wires...

Was it beavers, or gophers?

SANDRA: gophers. but they've been run outta town. poor things. lol.

Nice changes, on your page, by the way.

SANDRA: thanks. i see other people had movie star sites, so i thought Why Not Me?

i've always loved mae west.

I meant your MAIN page. - I thought you might have wanted to keep secret, that you were behind the Mae West one.

SANDRA: and marlene dietrich.

Well -- I guess not.


SANDRA: LOVED marlene's accent. she was beautiful like mae, but in a different way.

marlene gets alot of mail in german. which i can't understand. comments too.

sorry everybody. but i don't know what any of it means.

How's the family? And, your grand-daughter? Jenny still getting in fights at school?

SANDRA: everyone is doing ok, thanks for asking.

jenny's staying with me.

she's in a good school now with really good kids. she has new friends.

Sandra, you have a very interesting background. Let's chat about it for a moment, shall we?

You think your real mother might be the exotic dancer, CANDY BARR, who performed in the 1950's and 60's.


SANRDA: yep. an older man came up to me, when i was 14, at the store. and he asked if CANDY BARR was my mother.

i didn't know who CANDY was, and he said ASK YOUR MOTHER, SHE'LL KNOW.

i looked just like CANDY when i was younger. and now, my granddaughter JENNY looks alot like her too.

people acted very secretive about my background. - i guess its just one of the things i will never know

You also dated the serial killer TED BUNDY. Tell us about that. Remember the party where he nearly killed you?


SANDRA: no, never dated ted.

You DIDN'T? ...Who is it I know who DID, then?

SANDRA: ted bundy was a friend of my brother's.

Well. That's like dating him, isn't it?

SANDRA: ted bundy used to come to the house.

And, he tried to DATE you, I heard.


Well, go on. You were dating Ted Bundy, and -- Then what? He tired to kill you, didn't he?

SANDRA: he was always very polite.

I don't trust him already.

SANDRA: sometimes, my mom would have ted run me up to the store.

ted had a little VW.

he'd flirt, but he never tried to hurt me.

And, then, one day-- Go on, get to the killing you part.

SANDRA: well, i started getting these perverted phone calls. i'd just laugh them off, one day i passed the phone around, and everyone said something silly to him.

Harassing an obscene phone caller. You have guts.


SANDRA: my mother was worried about the calls, and didn't want me in the house alone. she left to visit my sister one day, and told my brother not to leave me alone, in the house.

so, him and his hippie friends were partying in the basement.

ted comes to the front door, and he noticed my mom wasn't there--


SANDRA: i said, my brother's in the basement with friends.

so, ted bundy goes down there, and the next thing i know, my brother and everybody are pulling out of the driveway, leaving me alone in the house.

In cars? Were they pulling out, In CARS?

SANDRA: of COURSE they were in cars.

theyd left me.

i had this creepy feeling.

then, maybe 5 minutes later the phone rings. he says, I KNOW YOU'RE ALONE. i'm coming to rape and kill you and there's nothing you can do about it!

i was scared to death.

so i called the police.

Who, of course, SAVED you.

SANDRA: no. the police said they couldn't do anything till he broke in.



SANDRA: they said, Call us when he's breaking in. and i said, i can't do it then, i'll be dead.

And, did he kill you, Sandra?


then i heard someone pulling up, in the dark, in the church lot across the street--

In a car? Were they in a CAR?


i heard two doors open. i think one was a trunk door.

i'm thinking, he was right, he's going to kill me and there's nothing i can do about it.

about that time, i heard another car come speeding into the driveway.

Were there PEOPLE in it?

SANDRA: it was my brother.

i ran outside and yelled HE'S ACROSS THE STREET.


the car across the street flew out of the parking out. and my brother and his friends chased after it.

but the guy got away.

my brother told me that TED had said there was this great party at a friends house, but when they got there -- NO PARTY.

my brother realized ted was just getting them out of the house. -- so they drove like a bat out of hall to get back.

my brother was truly sorry he'd left, but i was happy to see them back.

i stopped getting those phone calls.

and ted bundy never came back.

I wouldn't have him back either. Not after he tried to kill you.


SANDRA: and that's the story of how i almost became one of ted bundy's victims.

Sandra, you've been a supporter and fan of mine from the start. Why don't you tell everyone now, why you think I'm wonderful, and the bad site is a work of genius.

SANDRA: i find the page fascinating. i'm always looking to see if you have anything new.

You've been very active in my contests as well. And WON some too, matter of fact. They're pretty good, aren't they -- the contests?

SANDRA: i like anything you have to figure out. like clue games. i was a detective in another life i think.

I see.

Well, I guess this is all the compliments I have coming, so let's move on.


You had me very concerned over the safety of this grand-daughter of yours, Jennifer.

They never had FIREARMS, when I when to school.

Worst that could happen to you, was a teacher chasing you around campus, with a bat.

And I could always out-run them.

Today, however, it's worse.

One kid teases another, the other kid pulls out a Smith and Wesson 44 with aftermarket hollow-point cross-nose butterfly-blade cascading artillery shells, and *Boom* -- child No 2 is Ventilated.

Sandra. Hello? You there?

SANDRA: I'm here.

Well, Sandra my little cupcake, it's time to end our discussion now.


I'd like to say thank you, for always being so positive, even when the chips are down.

I have THOUSANDS of friends, and they are mainly pretty good. But, a few stinkers have gotten in there, and given me all kinds of grief.

And i can always count on you, Sandra, to take my side, no matter how absurdly wrong I am in the situation.

So -- thanks again. You are a trooper, and a true friend. Let's all lift a glass, in honor of Sandra.

You take care -- and good luck battling the gophers in JERSEYVILLE ILLINOIS.

sandra q and a

"I dated a serial killer and LIVED!"

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